Home Painting Guide



Start painting your Home

Painting the walls of your house or workplace is more than just protection of your walls. Just like the colours of the clothes we wear, the colours of our home are an expression of our personality. Moreover, the effects of the surroundings can be used to enhance the work place or residence and set the desired mood.

Here are a few ideas on how to paint a room, which will help your painting job done in a more organised way:

  • Identify the rooms to be painted.
  • Choose the shades/ scheme you want to be used in each room. Bear in mind that darker colours can make a space seem smaller. Conversely lighter shades brighten a space, making it appear more expansive. The colour scheme selected should also be based on the use of the space, as colours can impact on one's emotions. To arrive at the right colour combinations for house painting or office painting check out our onlineColour Palette
  • Measure your rooms to find out the area you need to paint. Use our Paint Calculator to determine the area of all surfaces you are planning to paint.
  • Choose the most appropriate paint from the range of Berger brands that best meets your needs. Our specially designed Paint Selector will help in selecting the most suitable paint system for wall painting as per your needs.
  • Use the Paint Calculator to arrive at the approximate budget required for the project.
  • Visit your preferred Berger Colour World Dealer by using the Dealer Locator.
  • Remove door knobs, handles and other decorative accessories from doors and windows, so as to prevent damage due to paint spillage. Remove light fixtures or mask with masking tape, paper and/or cloth.
  • Use a dry mop to thoroughly remove the dust from the walls. Wash bathroom and kitchen walls with water and allow them to dry.
  • It is recommended that all of the paint required for the job be purchased at one time, preferably from the same batch number. Purchasing the largest possible pack size not only minimizes the possibility of colour variation between batches, but is more economical as well.

Water Seepage facts and fiction

Paint is NOT a water proofing solution. The only permanent solution to water leakage and dampness is to rectify the source of the problem. Typical causes of water seepage are:

  • Cracks in the external/internal walls
  • Leaking drainage pipes or water supply pipes
  • High ground water level being absorbed into the walls from the foundation
    • Application of Enamels (Oil Paints) will not solve the problem of water seepage
    • The water seeping through the wall will erupt on the surface at some place or the other
    • It is recommended to seek the advice of a civil contractor or Waterproofing expert to rectify the problem before painting.