Group Head Office

Berger International Private Limited has operations in 7 countries worldwide. Berger has been in Singapore since 1939 and since then, has actively participated in Singapore's growth and development into one of the leading industrial centres in the Eastern region. Berger Paints Singapore, today, operates a full scale manufacturing plant making a wide range of paint products of the highest quality standards. It also exports to several countries.

Singapore is today the group's head office, providing various operations throughout the region with valuable support in R & D as well as technical and marketing assistance.

Berger Coatings are recognised and specified by leading multinational companies in the Oil and Gas industry, Engineering and Construction industry and by owners of ocean fleets.

Postal Address

Berger Paints Singapore Pte Ltd
22 Benoi Sector, Singapore 629854
Tel: +65-6261-5224
Fax: +65-6265-6356