Painting Guide



Our home painting guide will help you with everything that you need to know before you start painting the walls of your home. Painting of your home or workplace is more than just protection of walls. Just like the colours of the clothes you wear, the colours of your home are an expression of your personality. Therefore, one must ensure that the best home painting services are taking care of the painting.

Getting Started

Start PaintingPreparation and planning is the key to a job well done! In this section, we will tell you what you need to do before you get started on painting your house or workplace.

Painting Process

Painting ProcessThe process of painting can be divided into 3 parts: Pre painting, surface preparation and painting. Different surfaces like interior walls, exteriors, wood and metal require different painting processes to attain a long lasting effect. Find out how to paint the walls of your room to get the best look.

Post Painting Care

Post Painting CareA good wall painting job will make your home come alive. Some simple precautions and small steps can ensure that your walls keep looking new for a far longer time.

Common Defects

Painting DefectsSo you have finished with your house painting, but alas, the result is not quite what you expected! Featured here are some of the common defects and explanations and remedies for all your wall painting queries.